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See the Mateo Sit-Stand at Ironsmith Coffee

Remote work changed us all, and it’s here to stay. Now it’s time to transform your workspace.

We’re Mateo, and we made a sit-stand desk that stands out from the rest. You deserve a beautiful workspace that inspires you to do your best work (from home).

Here’s the situation:

The home desk has been an afterthought.

It’s time people stop using their kitchen counters, laps, beds and ironing boards as a workspace. When you’ve got a functional, and well designed workspace your work and well being noticeably improves.

There’s a lot of cheap desks out there.

The Mateo price is there for a reason; this is a buy-it-for-life investment. Chipboard table tops and flimsy metal frames are inexcusable in our opinion. Mateo craftsmen use high-quality, solid wood and precision machined accessories.

So why Mateo?

Been there, done that (a lot).

We’ve turned years of experience designing and manufacturing commercial productivity solutions and spun off into a small business with a big mission: Create the ideal work-from-home offering.

Form, meet function.

There’s an art to what you do. There should be an art to where you do it. Not only does our desk serve an important purpose, it has been designed by an artist and built by craftsmen that care about every single detail.

Get your steps, sits, and stands in.

Sit-Stand desks reduce back pain, improve mood and boost energy levels. There’s plenty of proof behind the fact that a body in motion stays in motion. The traditional sitting desk is obsolete.

Creatively Cultivated

What people are saying

  • “Instantly had one of those ‘I got to own it’ moments when I saw this desk and the search was over. I’m excited that the desk not only can function for a work from home station, but as a creative space as well.”

    Kevin G

  • “I put off getting an adjustable desk since March…wishing that someone would make a more function and ‘good looking’ one. And bam, wish granted.”

    Katrina D

  • “It looks SO GOOD — well worth the wait! You got a client for life! Thanks again for the help and the great customer service!”

    Arthur C

In the press

  • "...he dreamed of designing a sit-stand desk with rich wood and gentle lines, and that didn't have the stark metal legs and dangling wires"

  • "Your practice and your business doesn’t need to be two separate things. You make sure the business stands up, and is something you can stand behind."

  • "...focused on developing an object to meet the changing working habits of Americans: a minimalist sit-stand desk."

  • "His quest to design a worthy adjustable height desk has attracted the attention of Gensler and other design savvy clients"

Why people love Mateo desks

A desk worthy of your work.

You put in the effort every day, and it shows. You’ve earned the ability to thoughtfully craft your surroundings, including a desk that doubles as art.

We take a hands-on approach.

Handcrafted quality in every detail. Mateo desks pair thoughtful design with dependable materials.

Express yourself with the extras

Select your preferred materials, colors, and accessories, and we’ll make your dream desk a reality.

Embrace your inner (and local) designer.

The Mateo Sit-Stand Desk is made by artists. To support artists.

We got ya covered, free shipping and a warranty.

Mateo stands behind every sit-stand desk with a 2-Year warranty and provides convenient, free shipping.

Make interest-free payments with Affirm.

It only takes a moment, and checking your eligibility won’t affect your credit score. Just select Affirm at checkout.

Check out these features:


Self-Proclaimed Minimalists

No scrap left behind. We’re about zero materials waste.


We got your (legs) covered.

Privacy matters.


Plug away.

With 9 outlets and 4 USB outlets, you’ve got the power to do everything.


Stash drawer.

The “quick, put it away” spot that holds your secrets (or pencils).


It’s okay to be a bit messy.

Here’s a place to hide it or a friendly spot for your keyboard.


Where the wild things go.

Wire management partition for peace of mind.


This table top saves lives.

We choose this wood for it’s regenerative environmental qualities.


Handcrafted deets.

Every surface is sanded and sealed by a craftsman.


TGIF Post-Its Go Here

Also, support your drafting table, shelf, or lamp.


Posture, people.

Sit for status, stand to brainstorm, all in one touch.

The Simple Sit-Stand Desk

Sold Out

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For some, less is more. And in the case of the Simple sit-stand, you’ll have less storage in exchange for more simplicity. Get all of the thoughtfully designed details of a Mateo desk while subtracting the keyboard and small side storage drawer. This desk boasts the electronic height adjustment, rising and falling with a simple push of a button (it also can be programmed to remember three different heights). Each part is made from wood and handcrafted with care. It’s solid. Our simple desk has two power sources; one in the core and one underneath with a larger wire management shelf. Please note the privacy panel is not included but is an additional option. Customize it with a selection of colors and finishes to perfectly match your workspace vibe. This desk is also compatible with the partition and accessories offered for all of our desks. Welcome to your new (simplified) workspace.

The Partition is not included. Add it on here!

Product Highlights

  • Free Shipping

  • Hand Crafted, High Quality

  • Healthy Workspace


Dimensions: 46" x 26" or 52" x 26"

Adjustable Height: 29.2" to 48.9"

Assembly + Care

Care & Maintenance
To protect the finish of your Mateo Goods investment, we do not recommend using typical household cleaning products. Please use a soft, dry cloth to clean wood & laminate surfaces.

It may look complicated, but you’ve got this! Assembly is very straightforward and we have an instructional video and provided easy to follow printed instructions. The desk can be assembled individually no problem, but everything is better with a friend. Plus, we’re always available to help out if needed!